Bob's Onsite Computer Repair
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Why hire an in-home computer repair service?

Wasting hours, if not days, trying to fix your own PC unsuccessfully, unplugging your PC desktop from the dozens of twisted and knotted cables coming out the back, lugging the heavy thing to your vehicle, driving miles in traffic to get to a computer repair shop, carry it in, wait in line, fill out a bunch of paperwork, wait days, if not weeks, to get a call that it is fixed, drive back to repair shop, get it back home, try to plug everything back in the same way it was originally, find out its not fixed, debate going back but decide to just throw it out the window and buy a new one.

Years of Life Lost Due to Anxiety: 2
Total cost : Around a G ($1000 to you old timers)
Call Bob's Onsite Computer Repair, he drives to you that same day and fixes your computer while you sit back and watch the boob toob.


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