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For the first time ever, Macs outpaced WindowsPCs in the number of malicio...

For the first time ever, Macs outpaced Windows PCs in the number of malicious (viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, adware, etc.) threats detected per endpoint.

Don't believe the hype that Macs are bulletproof computers that don't get infected. The more people using Macs, the more that criminals are going to target them and try to infect or compromise these systems.

The days of Apple telling consumers that their products are safer than PCs are over, unless they simply continue to lie to their customers, which Apple has had no problem doing in the past.

The only reason Apple claimed that their products were safer than their competitors was because less people used them than PCs, therefore criminals had less reason to create malicious software to infect Apple products. Now, with more and more people buying Apple products, there is more reason than ever for criminals to start targeting Apple products and Apple consumers will soon begin to see just how bulletproof Apple products AREN'T.