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Don't Fall For Fake Microsoft Tech Support Pop-Up Scams! Read This Now So You Know What To Expect and Don't Become Another Victim!

If you've ever been browsing the web/internet and gotten a pop-up on your computer screen that warns you that your computer is infected with a virus, that your internet has been hijacked, or some similar message and that you need to call Microsoft Technical Support at a phone number provided in the message, these are all fake warnings and the phone numbers in the messages are not to Microsoft!

If you call the phone number in the message, you will be talking to a fake tech support located overseas to someone usually with a foreign accent (usually an Indian or African accent) who will try to scare you into believing something is wrong with your computer and will want to remote connect to your computer. Don't let them! They will leave behind software used to record your keystrokes, steal bank info, and can even steal your identity!

If you think you've already been a victim and live in the Greater Cincinnati area, I can help you get your money back and clean your computer(s) of the software they left behind. Click here to go to our computer repair home page and give us a call.

Do not fall for any fake Microsoft Support Pop-Ups while browsing the web! Please watch these videos to learn more and to protect yourself in the future. You should also share this blog post on all of your social media networks and hopefully we can put a stop to these criminals by making all of our friends and family aware of this before it is too late! Even after many years of these same scams being used over and over again, unfortunate people, especially the elderly, are still falling victim to these scams today.